Welcome to St. Mary’s

Dear Parishioners and Guests,

Christ is risen, because He is God.
Christ is risen, because He had predicted it.Christ is risen and has appeared in the divine splendor of his glory to the witnesses, chosen by Him beforehand.
Christ is risen and has appeared first of all to his Mother.

I have contemplated Him, more resplendent than the sun, white as the snow, and his divine beauty has so impressed itself upon my life that, from that moment, I have begun to live paradise here below.

And so, above all in your days, I invite you all, my dearly beloved ones, to announce with courage his death, to proclaim with force his resurrection, to await with certitude his coming in glory. (excerpt from “To The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons”)

With Love and Prayers,
Fr. George Nowak C.R.