Parish Registration

  Attending Mass or living in the parish boundaries does not automatically make you a registered member of St. Mary’s. Anyone who wishes to practice their Catholic Faith by regularly attending Mass and participating in the liturgy may consider St. Mary’s their own parish, no matter where they live. You are simply asked to register as members of the parish. By registering, not only do you become part of our community, but it also assists us in fulfilling and planning the needs of our parishioners. For those seeking sacramental preparation (ie: baptism/marriage), religious education, sponsor/godparent validation, etc., you must be a current registered and active parishioner for a minimum of 6 months.  Registration is easy! Click here to download a fillable PDF version of our registration form and email it back to us.  Forms can also be found at all doors of the church and at the parish office.  Complete the form (both sides) and drop it in the collection basket or at the parish office.

We now also offer the option of Pre-Authorized or Direct Debit Donations.  On or near the 15th day of each month, your account can be debited an amount you specify and then deposited directly into the parish’s account.  For more details or to sign up for this method of donation please click here.  Once completed the form can be dropped into the collection basket or off at the parish office.

In order to keep parish records up-to-date, please notify the parish office when there is a change of address, telephone number and/or change of status, i.e. moved to a retirement/nursing home or in with relatives, a change in telephone number, etc.  Adult parishioners (over 18 years of age) who live with their parents, or live on their own, and are still registered under their parent’s name, must register in their own name.  All information supplied remains strictly confidential and is for the sole use of St. Mary’s.

Any questions about registration?

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