The International Politics of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

An Important New Tool for You: “The International Politics of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity”

We are pleased to send you this link to my recent presentation The International Politics of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity,” which I gave at the annual conference of the Alliance for Scientific Integrity and Therapeutic Choice (formerly known as NARTH).

Please spread this link far and wide so that as many people as possible will better understand the threats to children and the family from multiple UN agencies and other international entities.

I was honored to be included as a presenter at this conference that featured some of the top experts in their fields, including Dr. Michelle Cretella, the President of the American College of Pediatricians.

In her important and timely presentation, “A Cry for Help Not Hormones,” Dr. Cretella debunks the myths associated with the radical gender agenda that is causing such harm and wreaking havoc in the lives of children and families. We will be sending you a link to the video of her talk as soon as it is processed.

My presentation exposes the various elements of the radical sexual rights agenda, including the dangerous gender ideology undermining families worldwide.

I also explain how Planned Parenthood and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are using this and other approaches in their efforts to indoctrinate and sexualize children across the globe.

Although you may find it disturbing, I hope you will take the time to view my presentation yourself as it has important information to help you understand threats to your family.

Then please send the link to as many of your contacts as you can to warn others of the radical sexual rights agenda being pushed by the UN that is so harmful to children and to families around the world.

Thank you!

Sharon Slater

P.S. I am pleased to inform you that thanks to the generosity of so many people around the world, we are getting closer to our goal of raising $150,000.

Producing this video and making presentations like this one at conferences around the world is just one of the many things that your contribution supports.

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