to St. Mary's!

We're so glad you're taking the time to check out our Church community. 

We are a Catholic community that believes in the transforming power of Christ’s love, and look to live it out as a community that prays, eats, works, and shares each other’s struggles while also having fun together. We are looking forward to meeting you and growing together in God’s love.

May God bless you and your loved ones on your journey of faith. Again, Welcome home!

Fr. Toby Collins, CR

Let's get coffee!

It can be nerve-wracking entering a new community. We’ve been there. Let us help you make this integration as painless as possible. Let’s book a time to get coffee. This would be a casual meeting to introduce ourselves, learn about each other, and explore ways that you could get involved in parish life. It can be difficult to flag us down during the hustle and bustle after Mass. Choose between meeting with Fr. Toby (pastor) or Tony D'Amato Stortz (outreach coordinator).

We’re looking forward to it!

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Why register?
• You become a member of our parish community
• It enables you to volunteer in parish ministries and activities
• It keeps our records accurate which assists us in fulfilling and planning the needs of our parishioners
• After 6 months of registration, you become eligible for sacramental preparation (i.e. baptism/marriage)

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